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Nature Walks...

Twice a week we go for a nature walk with Peter as our guide.

Depending size of the group, strength of the group and the walks people already made we choose one of the walks that Peter set out for us.


We, as a group, take the paste of the slowest walkers, so never be afraid you are going to be a burden to the group. Some walkers may walk ahead, but Peter will stay with the last ones.

The walks are set out and marked, so that’s not a problem.

Once we made it home we applaud ourselves, whilst enjoying a drink offered on the house.

We have 5 routes of 12 kilometres starting from the campsite. Also we have three walks of an hour. You can also do the walks individual. The routes are clearly marked and we can also provide you with a map.

A little bit further from home we walk in the natural parks Las Marias/ Los Velez just over the border with Andalusia.

Here are 7 amazing walks. They differ a lot in difficulty, so ask us what might suit you. We walked them all and can tell you how hard the walk is.

Two of the walks encounter the vulture colony of the park. Very impressive we think!

In Puerto Lumbreras are also some beautiful walks in the Cabezo de la Jara. The walks are all suited for middle trained walkers!

Even though just 30 miles from Velez Rubio and 15 from El Zorro, the landscape here is very different.

Walking is a fun way to really take in the beauty of nature, to keep in shape and to have some informal contacts with your fellow campers!


















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